Beaver Mountain Ski Resort
Thanks to Harold and Luella Seeholzer (and later their children), Beaver Mountain Ski Area has become a legend in family corporation and is one of the fine small ski areas in Northern Utah. The summer of 1997 brought big changes to Beaver Mountain. The ski area was sold to Ted and Marge Seeholzer as sole owners of the company with hopes and plans to bring daughter Annette West and husband Jeff, sons Travis and Corey, and Travis’ wife Kristy into the operation. Midway through the 1998 ski season, the boss finally decided it was a good idea to let snow boards on Little Beaver, day and night, and the first Boarder-Cross Race was held on Little Beaver. This has become an annual traditional along with skier crosses and the Big Air contest held on closing day of the season.

Beaver Mountain is located 27 miles east of Logan, UT, in the Wasatch-Cache National forest.
9:00am to 4:00pm

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