UT Rendezvous


Rendezvous Beach State Park & Boat Ramp

Enjoy a day on the beach or camp under tall cottonwood, willow and water birch trees. Find a campsite in one of two campgrounds with full amenities for RVs, one campground with soft ground for tent campers, and one campground for groups. Rent a boat or a cabin on the beach from Rendezvous Beach Rentals.

Rendezvous Beach is located on S.R. 30, about 10 miles south of Garden City.

Bear Lake Fun
Our Boat and Seadoo Rentals can help you. If you want to wakeboard or waterski, our recommendation is to go between 9am-11am or 4pm-closing for the smoothest water. Our on-site Locations have the machines already in the water, so you and your loved ones can get out and enjoy the lake fast! If you prefer to trailer the machines to a spot of your choosing get them from our Bear Lake Funtime location.
Rendezvous Beach Rentals: 435-946-2900

First Point Boat Ramp

This is a commercial boat launching facility with cement ramps. From Rendezvous Beach, continue around the south end of the lake about 5 miles, heading north on the east side of Bear Lake.

Utah State Park Camping

Rendezvous Beach (Tent, RV)

Restaurants near Laketown

Laketown Drive-In
65 North Bear Lake Blvd.

Merlin’s Drive Inn
149 North Bear Lake Blvd.

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