ID Fish Haven

Bear Lake West

The Bear Lake West  community consists of two associations. The Homeowners Association (HOA) consists of 626 lot owners with property in Bear Lake West Subdivisions 1-10, which include Country Club Estates, the Golden Bear Condos, and Subdivisions 11-14 on Lakeside Drive (about a mile north of the main entrance to Bear Lake West). The Property Owners Association (POA) ( consist of 402 lot owners in Bear Lake West Plats B & C which are accessable at the top of Loveland Lane just before you enter Fish Haven. The HOA and POA are co-owners of the Amenities listed below.

The Bear Lake West Amenities include a beautiful 9-hole Golf Course, restaurant. pro- shop, sports bar, private beach access, swimming pool, toddler pool, hot tub, showers and two tennis courts; all with a panoramic view of the lake. The Golf Course, Restaurant and Sports Bar are open to the public, all other facilities are for members and their guests.

Restaurants near Fish Haven

Cooper’s Restaurant & Sports Bar
554 Lewis Loop


Gladys’ Place Fresh Deli
2703 Highway 89

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