Hiking & Watching

Hiking – from Trails.com
There are several miles of trails and hiking opportunities in and around Bear Lake. Most of the lake is surrounded by mountainous and hilly terrain–making it the perfect surface for exploring and hiking. There are many caves to explore in the area as well. The Minnetonka, Bride and Paris Ice caves are all attractions that welcome cave explorers. Bird and animal watching can be done alone on a self-guided hike or by engaging in one of the eco tours available in and around the lake. Bikes are also common around the lake. Exploration is also welcome via horseback. There are horseback riding rentals available or guests are encouraged to bring their own equines and equipment.

Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Bear Lake Refuge is located in southeast Idaho, seven miles south of Montpelier. Surrounded by mountains, it lies in Bear Lake Valley at an elevation ranging from 5,925 feet on the marsh to 6,800 feet on the rocky slopes of Merkley Mountain. The refuge office is located in Montpelier.

The 19,000 acre refuge is comprised mainly of a bulrush marsh, open water, and flooded meadows of sedges, rushes, and grasses. Portions of the refuge include scattered grasslands and brush-covered slopes.

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