About Us

Have a great vacation.


Like the name implies, Bear Lake Vacation is here to help you make the most of your vacation to the “Caribbean of the Rockies.” Through articles, posts, listings and visitor feedback, you’ll get the inside scoop to plan your family vacation, reunion, retreat or getaway and enjoy your experience to the fullest.


Bear Lake, on the Utah-Idaho border, remains a popular destination for families, tourists, sportsmen and more—and many even choose to live here or buy a second home. Whether you’re looking for a great camping spot, an RV hookup, a rental cabin or a luxurious resort, Bear Lake Vacation is a top resource.

Most popular in the summer months, including the annual Raspberry Days festival usually held in Garden City in August, it’s also a popular winter getaway for snowmobiling, ice fishing and events like the Bear Lake Monster Polar Plunge.

The monster.

Speaking of the infamous Bear Lake Monster, be sure to visit our sister site at BearLakeMonster.com for stories, articles and general histories of the creature. You can also visit the monster’s Facebook page for a timeline of events and more fun.


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