Posted by: Jeff Midgley | March 31, 2013

Welcome to Bear Lake Vacation.

Planning a trip to Bear Lake?

If you’d like to learn more about all that Bear Lake has to offer, you’ll want to follow our new site and blog. You’ll learn about the unique natural wonders and experiences that make a Bear Lake vacation worth the effort. Whether your plans include a stay on the Utah side of the Lake or the Idaho territory—or both—you’ll discover that there is plenty to do in every corner of the lake. To make it easy, we’ve created menus for many of the most popular places, activities and restaurants at Bear Lake. Just click the topic under the menu item of your choice.

Are you a Bear Lake service provider?

If you rent properties, make shakes, sell kayaks, run a campground, or own a restaurant, let us help you get the word out. Contact with your company name, your website and location, and we’ll feature you on this and other related sites. Contact us if you are interested in expanded listings and stories.

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